Important Changes for GPSTC Class Registration

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We have upgraded our online services to allow agency administrators to manage student registration/records via their Student Access account ( Please notify both administrators and students that new options are available and please encourage them to explore these options on our updated website.

One of the new features offered is the ability to capture and retain both a personal and work email address for each student. Students will have the ability to log into their Student Access account using either their GPSTC Student ID or personal email, along with their password. In addition to the request to enter a personal email, students will also be requested to provide answers to security questions so that, should they forget their GPSTC Student ID or which email they utilized for their account, they will be able to regain access after correctly answering the security questions.

When Administrators log into their Student Access account, they will have access to additional features that are not visible to regular users (non-administrators). Administrators will be able to generate, view, and print reports (Registration Status, Transcripts, Training Records, Certificates, Rosters), which are searchable and sortable, for user convenience. They will also have the ability to register students and designate how students may be registered. The administrator may choose Agency Registration Only (our default), Agency Receives Confirmation (allowing the student themselves to register for training), or Require Agency Approval (allowing the student to submit a registration request, but not fully registered with GPSTC until agency approval is granted). These designations can be universal for all staff, or customized by individual.

Unless an exception has been granted, all students attending GPSTC training – onsite or offsite – MUST BE REGISTERED ONLINE BY AGENCY ADMINISTRATORS, paper submissions will not be accepted.

With the transition, all on-site courses will be open for registration, cancellation, or student substitution until two hours prior to the starting time for the course. Off-site and hand-off courses will close for registration the week prior to the course, but the ability to cancel or substitute accepted students up until two hours prior will remain.

On October 1, 2014, agencies will no longer be able to register students in Agency Access. They will only be allowed to select agency administrators in Agency Access. Please take the time this week to review the agency roster, select administrators, and login as an administrator in Student Access at

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